Instagram is a popular photo- and video-sharing app that will require only a couple of touches to produce retro-looking projects and then share these with friends along with other Instagram members.

Parents have to know that Instagram is a popular platform for instantly enhancing photos and videos with cool effects and sharing them across an amount of social media platforms. The terms specify that users should always be at the very least 13 yrs old and should not post partially nude or sexually suggestive photos but don't prohibit the portrayal of violence, swear words, or drugs. Users can flag photos for review, but mature content still appears in some photos plus in the comment sections. Photos shared in Instagram are public and could have location information unless privacy settings are adjusted. Also, it's possible to save other users' photos. Instagram Direct allows users to send private photos directly to other users. Tinder users can access other Tinder users' Instagram feeds directly from within the Tinder app, even on private Instagram feeds if Tinder integration is enabled. At the time of 2016, users can live-stream video, and video streams and selected private photos will disappear, Snapchat style. Also, users can remove followers, turn fully off comments, and like others' comments. See the app's privacy policy to discover more regarding the kinds of information collected and shared.

This social network provides the cool photo results of Hipstamatic powerfully combined with social seduction of Facebook, the popularity filter of Reddit, the hashtag and follower sharing models of Twitter, therefore the curse and blessing of commentary on YouTube -- and that's just in the app. Instagram makes your photos and videos look cool after which makes it simple to fairly share them instantly, across multiple platforms, letting you broadcast how #awesome your life is right now. Your competitors for cool could possibly get just a little tiresome (the comments are filled with users seeking followers), and we also'd love to see more moderation for photos and comments to be totally safe for kids. As with any social network, it is helpful to talk to kids about privacy settings and mindful sharing, since things shared on the Internet can follow you forever. Overall, Instagram does an amazing job of implementing a neat idea with an easy and fast interface, all 100% free.

ditors' note: This review was updated March, 2014, to pay for new features added.

Instagram is a favorite photo- and video-sharing app that will require a couple of touches to produce retro-looking projects and then share these with friends as well as other Instagram members. With recent updates, the app adds video, permitting you to add filters and post to your feed just like you will do with photos. It also got a new way to modify brightness and contrast in the most recent update with an innovative new Lux slider. Exactly what's really special in regards to the Instagram phenomenon is how users have used the app to produce a story about their everyday lives through stylized photos and videos.

Getting started
You start by registering with Instagram with an e-mail address, username, and password. From there you are able to configure Instagram to autopost to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Foursquare, and Posterous, or simply just choose to share images from inside the app or via e-mail. It is possible to turn some of these options on or off if you do not would you like to share your shots with everyone.

As soon as you're connected, you can snap a photograph wherever you are, move and scale the image, add a result with a touch of your finger, and then touch Done to share your photographic moment with all the world. The app comes with several free custom-designed filters that can give your image various retro effects, a grainy black-and-white look, and even adjustable tilt-shift options. There's also an auto-straightener that can be used to have your horizon right. An included slider also enables you to fine tune the effect. For a lot more control, the most recent update adds an adjustable Lux slider (shown since the sun icon), where you are able to When you're satisfied with your shot, you can include a caption along side geotagging, then share it straight away.

A current update to Instagram adds a feature right out of Snapchat's playbook: this new Instagram Stories feature threads together a stream of your live-shot images and videos for the contacts to view—but simply for every day, and after that the information disappears forever. Don't worry, though, the free iPhone app that shares 80 million photos and videos each and every day still keeps your entire favorite photo filters and effects and still allows you to easily share your vision with all the world. The app's massive user base, great discovery features, and simple-yet-powerful photo-editing tools end up in a top-notch experience. Instagram is without question a PCMag Editors' Choice for iPhone social photo apps.

Filter Adjustments
Instagram's effect filters start around simple B&W to retro film styles to techniques like cross processing. There are now 40 filters in most, and you will enable and disable them and even reorder to obtain the ones you employ most in advance by tapping the Manage button. Surprisingly, that the preferred filter is no filter after all, and now we alternate between locating the artistic/retro filters appealing and pretentious. People who want a really artistic look for their iPhone photos should check out Prisma,Free at iTunes Store which can mimic the appearance of a Picasso or Van Gogh.

You will be making adjustments to the filter's strength by tapping the filter icon a second some time moving a slider control forward and backward. In the beginning, the slider is defined most of the way to the right at 100 percent. Sliding it leftwards simply reverts the appearance closer to the initial, unfiltered photo. To look at the completely unfiltered image, you hold a finger down in the main image preview. The 2nd tap also give you usage of the filter's frame. This control method offers you many capabilities while still leaving the primary interface uncluttered.

Needless to say the app won't replace Lightroom for serious photographers, nevertheless the tools bring Instagram in to the ranks of true photo editing software, nevertheless the Flickr iPhone app goes a step farther by offering tonal-level adjusters.

Instagram Stories
You'll first notice Stories within the row of user circles throughout the top of your Instagram screen. This enables you to create a stream of photos and videos for the followers that disappears from the universe after one day. To begin with, a helpful message helps guide you to get started creating your story. It's pretty simple: You just go through the broken circle using the plus sign most of the way at top left, and tap the shutter for a photograph or press and hold it for a video.

Much like Snapchat, Instagram enables you to mark up your image with colored brushes, pens, and markers. You'll be able to add text, that is a breeze to maneuver across the screen with a finger drag. Some things you can not do are add media from your Camera Roll, edit images, or add filters. And thereis no equal to Snapchat's cool geo-filters that allow you to overlay nifty graphics and text predicated on your local area. A down-arrow button enables you to save your strive to your camera roll, and hitting the check mark finally adds it to your story.

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